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January 29

Started in the year 1990, Plurthday is a time to celebrate the wonders of plur. Friends come together and partake in the traditional Four Loko celebration in which all participants take turns throwing up on ferrets.
Angry light-shows begin at around midnight and by 4:00 am people are so drunk that they climb into their closets and yell at their little brothers because they're "trying to sleep."

Plurthday is sometimes mistaken for it's year round counterpart, the "Ferret Rager".
-niggah, what are you doing friday night?

-ey mangg!!! friday is Plurthday. im getting some 4lokos and a couple ferrets. come see whats up.
by plurbabyturner January 29, 2010

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all night sf hipster party with:

thiggurretz (american spirithz), thimpler timez
no parentz
photographs by the holy mountain
white pants. leathur pants. no pants.
cutoffs, tank-topthz, beanies, silk-screened teezz!!!
leather jackethz, DEEJAAAYZ sppininn da beetz!


cool asians
white ppl
gay people
minimal latinos
1 black person

and the keystone to any rager- a FERRET manngg!
-ey mang what u doin later tonight?
by plurbabyturner February 02, 2010

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