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Someone who you shared a life with. During that life they cheated on you, snored in your ear, used your car, ate your food, smoked your cigarettes, lied, and ultimately owes you about 3-4 GRAND. They probably also broke up with you while they were hundreds of miles away on vacation, without an explanation, then you find out about "special someones", and the fact that they are with their ex baby mamas who used to be a fat whore, who did coke through their pregnancy and ever since, and has since become a skeleton thin, poor excuse for a mother, dick sucking, pizza pulling, crack head slut.
through it all they want to be friends, but expects you to sit there with a stupid fucking smile while they say how great *said slut* is and gets butthurt when you are seeing some one new.
girl 1-Remember that guy Angel I was madly in love with?
girl 2-The dick?
girl 1-Yeah, my new Ex boyfriend, he owes me 3-4 grand now, after breaking up with me while on that trip to Florida, and I think he is taking Faye back. Oh, and I need you to pee on this pregnancy test.
girl 2-Lets go kick her ass and leave this on his windshield.
by plentifulboosoms June 24, 2011

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