9 definition by playa del seville

a fart that is no less then 1 second and no more then 5 seconds in length and makes a sound like a high pitched "whooooo" sound
in the middle of class yesterday i ripped a creeper..
by playa del seville November 05, 2005

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this channel that totally kicks ass and i dont care what anyone else says cuz its the hottest peice of shit out there, like o.m.f.g its so gangsterr and gay pride. totally hardcore g-g-g-g unit stuffs dudes and dudettes! anyone who doesnt think that this station is tha best is dumb and has no sense of class. forget you emo kids who think that MTV isnt da shitz yo. go get a life and some friends you losers..
"omg mtv is the shits yo"
by playa del seville October 04, 2005

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