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This is the slang term for "bro" which is slang for brother..a slang inside a slang 8) THIS ORIGINATED IN THE STATE OF HAWAII! for those who think that it originated in southern california or where ever, your are miss informed. It is the pigeon (english-hawaiian slang) word that is used state wide in Hawaii not only by surfers but by all people born and raised in hawaii of all racial groups. and it pains me when i hear cali haole tourist say it.
sup brah
howsit brah
a' brah we go beach
ho brah where you stay
by Playa Del Seville October 18, 2005

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Irish Republican Army, people who faught againts english opression and taxes dating back to the earliest years of english occupation of the fatherland. But never got fully organized untill the 1900s. Claimed responsibility for numerous attacks on english towns in northern ireland.
the IRA fight for the fatherland and a united ireland
by playa del seville July 29, 2005

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1. a tee (t-shirt) that is white in color
2. a song made by some group of singers that no ones heard of till now.
3. a very annoying song with no flow
man1: "hey yo i bling in my white tee"
man2: "hey, shut the fuck up"
*kid1 is mobbed*
by playa del seville November 30, 2005

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a t-shirt that is the color black, nothing more nothing less.
you fucken dumbasses^
ITS A SHIRT! nobody cares who's wearing it..
when i see someone wearing a "black tee" i dont say "wow wut a fucken cracker! hes a wigger!"
the proper thing to say is "he needs some style"
by playa del seville November 30, 2005

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shortened for the sub michine gun/auto pistol known as the M11a1, MAC10, and other variations of the weapon. regular magazines carry a capacity of 50 bullets that can be completely emptied in 3.0 seconds. Companies known to best make these weapons are Cobrey and Ingram. pretty gangster weapon in my opinion, also pretty geto. terrorist groups have been known to use them so gangs are obviously not far behind..
the (gang name) are strapped with mac's
ingram and cobrey both make mac's
mac's fit under big windbreakers perfectly
by playa del seville November 05, 2005

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a colour that is worn by a hooligan, hoodlum, etc (not a gangmember) that supposed to mean respect (similar to red or blue for bloods and crips). it is not worn by a member of a street gang because that would be a *violation of their set's colours (bloods= red)
purple means respect, not homosexuality
chuck was wearing purple to represent respect, not a set
by playa del seville November 05, 2005

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a color worn by females, homosexuals, and dumbasses who think its a gangsta/pimp/cool/hip/phat/hot/thugish color.
the color pink was NOT meant to be worn by men.
if you are a male and dont wear pink, your cool in my book
if you have worn pink before and regret it, your forgivin
if your male and wear pink and dont regret it, youll probley be mobbed walking down a street.
man1: "check it man im wearing pink, how manly am i?"
man2: "not very..more like how feminine are you. loser"
by playa del seville November 30, 2005

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