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HERE YEE HERE YEE!!! The wine of wines!!! Not known by many, this big ass 4 dolla bottle (or jug) of white, red, or blush wine will have you fucked up in no time! Dude its smooth like Butthead and cheap as hell. Screw the expensive french shit and its way better than that Sutter Home crap that sells for like 6 or 7 bucks for a 750ml bottle...better than any other for that matter, and you dont even need a cork screw! The bottle is also big enough to kick someones ass with...Its good to chug when pregaming before the bar...assuming some Beavis doesnt end up puking it up all over your car on the way home... but hey you'll have that, and besides that who cares, its damn good, and who doesnt love a good ole cheap wine buzz??

Dude theres nothing cooler than stumbling around the beach with a bottle of Paul Masson in your hand.:)
1.) "Dude I wanna get buzzed before the bar, lets go get some Paul Masson from the Farm Store up the road"..
2.) "I wanna bone this dude/chic, and need something cheap, lemme go get some Paul Masson and put it in some chiche wine glasses and I'll look all cool and stuff"...
3.) "I wanna play beer pong, but im bloated, fuck! lets go get some Paul Masson!"
4.) "Wine makes me silly and horny, oh no I'm broke! fuck that we can go get some Paul Masson."
by pinuchic69 May 20, 2006
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Something you say after something happens... could be just about anything that would normally happen...especially potent in shitty situations... Another way of saying..."Ya.. that'll happen...", "Shit happens" etc... except way cooler....
1.) Chic#1: "Damn, dude I went out last night, got crunked, and ended up puking."

Chic#2: "Ya...you'll have that."

2.) "Damnit, I just washed my car, and now a bird pooped all over it!!!"

"Ya.. youll have that dude"

3.) Fuck, I banged this dude cause I thought he was hot and now he's being all annoying and stalkerish and wont leave me alone!!"

"D'oh, youll have that!"
by pinuchic69 August 07, 2007
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