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A town in Massachusetts thats notorious for being full of likely illegal foreigners such as brazilians and ecuadorians.

It did used to have a taco bell, but it got taken away, so now 'bitch' as it has been affectionately nicknamed, is now frequented in franklin instead.

The hockey team sucks, but the rest of the sports are pretty damn good for the most part, especially the girls teams which basically rape anyone that is put in front of them.

Last years trainer is not a rapist.

And despite being full of ecuadorians and smelly disease ridden illegals, milford soccer still sucks, being an exception to the most sports are 'pretty damn good'.

If your family has lived in milford for many years, you automatically have an undeserved sense of entitlement to which you are allowed to circumvent the law, and then create a law fixing the loophole you just exposed.

Also known as Milf-town depending on your level of mental retardation.

It has like 7 Dunkin Donuts, many within a quarter mile of each other

The high school is a concrete coffin in which hopes and dreams go to die in the smoke filled A wing bathrooms.

Mrs. Scrizinski might as well be a man.

This is a town where the head of the teachers union for the town is a teacher whos average AP exam grade for his students was a failing grade.

In addition to the above entry, the AP Chem teacher at one point was a man who a had a stroke once and cant use one side of his body.
Watch, here in Milford MA, just yell 'immigra' and the whole street'll clear in ten seconds flat.

-Dude, why does he get so much playing time? That other kid is so much better.
-Its because hes the coaches son.
-He doesnt know how to put on a baseball glove.
-I told you, hes the coaches son.
-He just tried to put to ball in his mouth.
-For the third time, hes the coaches son.
-This is high school, thats not even a valid excuse.

-Hey what else are you taking next year?
-Physics, why?
-Ah shit, thats a waste.
-Because you wont learn anything from a teacher who cares more about his outdated calculator than his students.
-At least he plays guitar

-Hey, who do you have for chem this year?
-Campo, ugh.
-Oh well you're going to get REAL good at mario kart.
by pinkpants May 09, 2011
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