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A drink that is laced with a drug capable of affecting the consumers judgement and common sense, making them vulnerable to any sexual attack or advance.

This drink is popular with many sexual criminals and creeps, they themselves also consume the party drink so it looks legitimate infront of their potential victim, but before they offer another sip the dosage of drug is usually doubled or tripled.

The common drug used in party drink is GHB (liquid ecstasy) though rufulin can also be used.
Harro - Hey babe have a sip
Babe - sure (sips drink and notices a strange taste), what is it?
Harro - Its party drink
Babe - I feel funny
Harro - Don't worry i'll take you home
(Gets into a taxi)
Babe - This isn't the way to my house?
Harro - Sure it is.
by pingbot September 8, 2010
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