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Someone who is almost always on their phone. They are addicted and can't resist the urge to check their phone right away when the text alert goes off. Textaholics don't care about how rude they look while texting the whole time on a date/dinner/family gathering/hangout/middle of a conversation.
Jon: You look really nice today.
Stacy: Thank you! So how was your Biology class? *looking at phone/texting*
Jon: It was good. We actually had a quiz and um -feels awkward because he knows hes not being payed any attention- i uhh aced it.
Stacy: mhmm mhmm thats cool *texting*
-puts phone away-
Jon: how was your English class?
-phone rings-
Stacy: hold that thought. *texts* um what did you say?
Jon: Okay you're a textaholic and you need help.
*continues texting*
by pineapple87 September 01, 2010

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