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One who is annoying and in total ignorance of it. Similar to douchebag but not as mean spirited.

Often times will be upper class person or act in a privileged fashion with no regard for how his behavior affects others.

Pole strap connotes a combination of the male genitals and a lesbian type sexual aid. It also connotes someone who is driving and wraps (i.e straps) himself around a pole through careless driving. Taken together the two images suggest a phony tool barely usable for getting off and reckless destructive behavior. Entertaining but ultimately disposable.
"The guy was at the driving range talking on his speakerphone while hitting his bucket of balls. What a pole strap!."

"Some pole strap decided to mow his lawn at 6 AM and woke up the neighborhood. When I went to confront him about it he invited me to his cookout. Nice guy, but a total pole strap"

"So the DJ, in pole strapping fashion, decides to play Norah Jones music and the whole club clears out."
by pillboxhat June 02, 2010

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