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Pierre Bouvier is the cooles guy ever.
So how would he describe himself in 4 words: "Very good in bed" *smile*.
I love his songs, they are so wonderful. Yes, I know that they are about typically "Teenie problems", but why not to sing about it? SP (Simple Plan) have emotionally songs too, like CRAZY and UNTITLED.

And before you jump to conclusions:
Pierre Bouvier isn't a fastidious guy with silly "role model- shirts". He is a charming, funny guy with silly "role model-shirts" and he would do anything for his friends: Chuck Comeau ,David Desrosiers,Sebastian Lefebvre and Jeff Stinco!!!
Don't convict people because of their music-style!!
Pierre Bouvier is a fantastically singer!
by pierrebouvier_fan March 22, 2006
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