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A breathtaking woman. Steals your heart as soon as you start to delve deep into her world and makes u wanna be a part of it and pray that she let's you stay. Alot could be said about her but no one really knows where to begin because there's just a million different things about her that you need to know but all are just as important as the next. She's a mechanic, doctor, and horse enthusiast. She knows there's no such thing as perfect but if there was the definition would be Trista. If you have her DO NOT EVER let her go she is definitely a once-in-a-hundred-lifetimes kinda girl, and once she's gone you will never be complete again.
Trista is better than my wildest dreams. There's no one else like Trista.
by pheonixfire1795 December 19, 2016

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