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A very nice person...

-And the name is mostly of European origin (Is a common first name in Germany and the Czech Republic)
-Is the female version of Peter
-The name of the ancient (and very beautiful) rock city in Jordan
-a celebrity is named Petra (Petra Nemcova)
-Is derived from the Greek word, petros, meaning stone or rock
-June 29th is Peter and Petra's name day
-a Marvel comics character
-Petra Andalee in the books Chasing Vermeer and the Wright 3
-Petra Diamonds- a leading diamond mining group
-Petra- a Christian rock band
-a very unique name
Pronounced: Pech-rah/PEH-trah

(NOT Pay-tra, Pee-tra or PET-RA)

It depends on which one...

For the name: Hello Petra.
For the city: Wow, Petra is such a cool place!
by person_who_is_awesome January 11, 2011
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