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IPMS is a keyboard shorthand-acrynm for "I Pissed MySelf." It is used instead of or with relation to terms like "lol, lmao, and rofl"

Usually used in response to something funny.
Person 1: ....so the proctologist says 'rectum (wreacked him) damn near killed him!

person 2: IPMS
by pbfrank January 2, 2010
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1. in immense danger
2. game show that is extremely boring to watch since no one cares that you know the answer at home you aren't winning anything by impressing freieds/relitives that you know a few trivia questions.
3. extremley funny skit where the actual show jeopardy was mocked on by the cast of snl for the greatest skit ever on television
burt renoylds:*buzzes buzzer*
alex trebeck: yes burt what is your answer?
burt: what answer
alex: you just buzzed in
burt: no i didn't
alex: yes you did
burt: i was just making sure it works


by pbfrank February 20, 2006
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