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all you lot dissin pakis need 2 get a life wen you dnt no wot your talking about. im paki and english so that shows that people from different cultures can get along. you people saying bad stuff about pakis are ignorant cos your the wanka's. me and my paki friends use this term and even people that aintt paki use it but it should only be used in a gd way not in a racist manner. so all you haters get an education before u start slagging off others cos you lot are probably the ones that dont go to school and are doing drugs and shit. and even if some pakis are bad you dont have to tar them all with the same brush because 1 person doesnt represent the whole population now does it! your only saying bad stuff about them because there better than you and they know it but they dont go around saying it unlike you lot who say your better when your not. and another thing, people saying pakis have big noses alnd all this rubbish whats that about, your just listening to the stereotypes with low mentalities i.e. you!!!!!! theres a lot of paki girls and guys out there that are drop dead gorgeous just the same as there are in other cultures so you cant go around saying all pakis are ugly. grow up or shut up!!!
stop dissin pakis just because there better than you and you know it!!!!
by pakis are great April 05, 2005
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