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Pathetic excuse for a musical artist as it has no musical talent whatsoever. Her only fans are girls between the ages of 12 and 14 who have been spoilt rotten by mommy and daddy who bought them their iPhone and PC and MAC makeup, although once their parents' trust fund runs out of cash, they have a 99% chance of turning to prostitution and drug/alcohol abuse (mainly due to having listened to Ke$ha's "music").

Her dress sense has been described as "garbage", and was inspired by cheap prostitutes. She is an alcoholic, and a future crack addict. It is estimated that this whole Ke$ha obsession will phase out by mid 2010, which will lead the "singer" to turn towards prostitution to fuel her $1,000,000 a day crack habit. Her best buddies include Amy Winehouse and Lindsay Lohan. Is known to give blow jobs to microphones, megaphones, men, women, children, dogs, cats, Mick Jagger, all animate and inanimate objects, and bottles of Jack.
spoilt, dumbass 13 year old teeny bopper: "lyk omg hav u herd ke$haz nu song itz kald tik tok zomg itz lyk so gud itz lyk 'waik up in teh mornin feelin lyk p diddey' hahahaha omg LULZ wat a gwd song shii iz lyk so talented n priity i wizh i waz mre lyk her!!!!!!111!"

me: "go kill yourself."

13 year old: "omg u r lyk so lame okaiiz! i hav 2 go dwnlode her new albm on miii PC now so i cn put it on mii iPhone and maik it mii ringtonez 4 erry1 2 here ZOMG luvv yaaa mwahz!!!!1111!!1!1!!1!!"
by p diddy.... January 28, 2010

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