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WooGyu has originated from two awesome Asian singers.
Nam Woohyun and Kim Sunggyu.
They were known as two sexy singers and strange personalities and auras.
Woohyun was a greasy fellow with a great body. Usually arrogant but good-natured nonetheless. He is a "bottom" in denial.
Sunggyu was older than him, and tops him all the time. He can nag and is always teased for his non-existent eyes, naggy preferences, grandpa-like aura, and pesty lisp.
"Damn! Look at that couple kissing! That is SO WooGyu! That one's Sunggyu right there! Obviously."

"That girl is a total Sunggyu, you can tell she is a nagger and wears the pants."

"You're cheesiness is worse than Woohyun. Don't make me your Sunggyu for your WooGyu-ness!"

"WooGyu ruins my OTP-List!"
by otpness January 22, 2012
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