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The crown for douschebags. People who wear these hats usually exhibit most or all of the following traits: Thinking they are actually cool, Talking down to random strangers, Talking sarcastically to authority figures because it like the hat makes them feel 'badass', Live with 1 or less testicles, Like to pretend like they can skateboard, Think wearing this fitted hat gives them permission to talk to women like they actually have a chance, Think they are above common courtesy like taking off that hat indoors or even opening doors for women or anyone for that matter. These hats usually have no actual effect at blocking out sunlight because wearers usually tip them so far up.

*Note All Above Rules DONOT Apply If The Wearer Is Black*
"Haha dude look at that poser over there trying to skateboard, he just faceplanted and lost his fitted hat."

"Kid, back off my girlfriend and its not even sunny outside so take off the pointless hat.
by ono412 September 15, 2010
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