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An island suburban community located between Niagara Falls and Buffalo, New York. A boring little burg that can only be accessed by aging, massive old bridges that are under a constant state of repair. Inhabited largely by nigger rich dagos and polacks, white trash and "new money" from Riverside or Tonawanda. It's home to a shabby 1970's Holiday Inn haunted by a little she-bitch ghost and "Fantasy Island", a run down amusement park. There's no mall or theater but lots of apartment complexes and overpriced housing subdivisions (and the "projects" a '50s leftover tract of dumpy duplexes). Largely overrun by out of control spoiled brat kids that can neatly be categorized in three groups: wiggers, jocks or freaks. You can usually find them running amok in the hand me down Lincolns or Cadillacs their parents give them, in search of drugs in Niagara Falls or just wreaking havoc on "The Island".
Billy's dad was promoted to foreman at the Tonawanda Engine Plant. Now Billy's family is gonna leave the Falls and buy a ranch-house on Grand Island New York. Good thing Billy's mom is a meth-head, they'll fit right in!
by oneforyourmouth December 27, 2010
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