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alexandria ocasio-cortez, the most iconic congresswoman in the history of the united states. she uses her platform to make real change and criticize those in power. she is also part of the squad, a group of four female congresswomen: ilhan omar, ayanna pressley, rashida tlaib, and herself.
i'm quite literally in love with aoc.
by ny00p November 11, 2020

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1. homosexual.
2, derogatory and frowned upon. lame or pathetic. usually used by people with small dicks.
3. jolly, happy, merry.
4. you, probably, if you searched this.
1. i'm gay because i identify as male and am romantically interested in other people who identify as male.
2. "yO bRo ThAt tEsT wAs gAy"
3. they had a gay old time.
4. you are probably gay.
by ny00p November 11, 2020

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