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The phlyest city in Africa located in the little known, but totally awesome country of Botswana. (Situated above South Africa on the map for any geographically challenged mofos)
Ashton: I'm off mom!
Ashton's mom:Where to, son?
Ashton: Utopia.

Ashton's dad:Where's Ashton?
Ashton's mom: Gaborone.
by nuffsed March 25, 2006
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A mostly overlooked actor with MAD acting skillz. Starred in fantabulous movies such as THE PIANIST and KING KONG. Only reason he's not as famous as Brad Pitt is coz he's not as yummy and chooses not to have his every inkling documented
Adrien Brody is da man, ya'll!!
by nuffsed March 25, 2006
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