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disguised as a wonderful,colorful and amazing investment in tomorrows technology while filling your head with the fact that your getting this awesome deal when really your getting the next peice of shit from tomorrow where youll type anything without recieving it on your screen for the next 2 decades, all while your trying to fucking write a paper thats worth half your grade and although your ready for a break, your computer thinks it deserves one too except its so fuckin stupid it doesnt know the difference between shut down and just putting up the screen saver. oh yeah, you can save a file but have fun trying to retreive its ass, and yeah ill give you the internet.......NOT!!! well okay sure do you mind waiting till you grow a fuckin beard and have to wear adult diapers. cause thats how long its going to take. PS Dell is friendly. fuck that shit.PFM.aka pretty fuckin much. there computer help services.... guess what? there not helpful, and im not talking just on computers, they dont even pick up the phone, pretty sure they just give you the number in case you need help and to make you think your going to have some kind of security. unless you speak gallic, yeah, some long forgotten language from the italians. anyway Dell is just a huge production agency that produces hunks of shit scrap metal and fancy looking things inside that scrap of metal and slap on a "im a computer" sticker so youll buy it. FUCK!!!!
nice ummm...DELL Computer...pfft
by now an HP owner April 07, 2010

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