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A stupid, over-rated "reality" show that is watched by all the mindless Filipinos in the world every night. They watch the damn show and they're like, "oh, he's so cute!" or "OMG! she's such a b****, they're not bagay..."

Big Brother is considered crap in other countries, but not in the Philippines, because Filipinos think it's cool or "in" to watch this show, or mainly because their crush (another hypocratic teenager or jobless middle-aged person) should not be "evicted".
Filipino 1: Hey, you watch Pinoy Big Brother? It's totally cool!
Filipino 2: No. because unlike you, I actually have a life.


Filipino 1: Tol, nanonood ka ba ng Big Brother?
Filipino 2: Hindi. Hindi kasi ako jologs.
by notallpinoysareignorant May 18, 2010

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