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When someone has such douchey attire that they look like they spent 2.5 hours in the mirror trying to get their image juuuuust right. Oh yeah, and they're not in high school anymore...

Ruining movies by recycling and superimposing the same retarded characters over and over again. Acting like a disconnected lunatic/fruity/Burton-sucking/songster/gay-pirate without being under the influence of copious amounts of recreational and prescription drugs in Las Vegas with Benicio Del Toro. Thus destroying a previously enjoyable movie.

Johnny Depping, Depper, Depping, Depped, Depped-Out, Depped-Up, Deppish, Deppraved, or the obscure Northern Midwest context: Johnny Deepp.
He is so Johnny-Depped (ADJ.) in those London-cut, acid-washed, paint-stenciled, inside-out, tear-wear jeans. They totally match his Crocs. Is that glitter?"

This applies to hipsters, emo, bros, Jersey trash, over-zealous sports fans, over-eccentric gays, the over-accessorized, men wearing eyeliner, the over-pierced, the falsely accented, women who act like Zooey Deschannel, and yes this can also apply to inanimate possessions such as vehicle accessories, tacky decorations, olde-timey bicycles (for the sake of being super-meta and not just because it's 1870's Vienna), and anyone who over-uses chopsticks to be cultural.

This can be applied to pets and small children by Deppish Parents, thus becoming Deppendants, The Depp-Posed.
by nosusdecipio May 02, 2012
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