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Edward is a bad-ass assassin from the Anita Blake, vampire hunter book series. He is also known as Death and by his alias Ted Forrester, the name that he uses when he is doing legal jobs. He is described as average height with blond hair and ice-blue eyes. He hunts vampires and wereanimals because humans are too easy to kill and he wanted more of a challenge. He often says how much he loves his work. He likes to use a wide range of weapons on his monster hunts including flamethrowers, sub-machine guns and LAWs. He is a bit of a sociopath but also a brilliant actor, he can switch from his intimidating, emotionless self to his charming, texan alias Ted in a split second.
I was the Executioner, but the vampires called Edward Death. He'd earned the name. - Anita Blake

The world is being invaded by sparkly vampires, what do we do? Call Edward.
by nosparkling June 26, 2011

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