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A CHRISTIAN religion that is simply slightly stricter than others.
I was once part of this religion and can assure you that It is NOT a crazy cult that convinces you to give them money. This religion believes that there is only one god Jehovah (which is actually in the bible btw) and that we must try hard to follow his rules if we wish to get into paridise and live for ever.
It does not invent crazy irrational rules out of nowhere it simply follows exactly what the bible says. Some might say that this is stupid but IMO it is completlely pointless to only follow the rules in the bible that you like and ignore the ones that you you dont like some religions do.

In the bible it DOES state that you should refrain from any thing to do with paganism and we all know for a fact that christmas is a pagan religion.

It ISN'T about not having fun, or drinking or having parties its about having morals.
Personally I decided to leave the religion basically because I just plain don't like orginised religion and I think that you dont have to go to 3 (the actual no. of meetings) a week to get in touch with god.

I know many people who I am still in touch with from the religion who are good friends of mine and DO know how to have fun.

Also the religion does not belive in hell and belives that on the day of judgment EVERYBODY will be reserected and judged in the eyes of god no matter what they have done becuase god will know if they are a good person or not. They do not belive in hell because a god that could torture somone for all eternity would not be a just god.

Nobody in the religion is forced into anything children do not get baptised until they are at an age that they can decide for themselves what they want, me I decided it wasnt what I wanted but I wasn't shunned or judged.

Basically dont judge a religion that you dont really know anything about.
by non biased August 17, 2006

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