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An amazing person with an adorable face. A caring and gentle friend who’s always gonna be by your side to either do something stupid with you or to clean up after you’ve done something stupid. Alesters love animals and will fight you if you’re mean to one even though they are too soft to fight. They always make sure there’s enough good snacks and smirnoff at big parties. They are very gay and don’t give two shits about homophobes. They also have an amazing sense of humour PERIODT. They hate people but they still manage to make many friends. They usually have a best friend who’s just as chaotic (if not more chaotic) as them and who’s gonna be talking to the cashier for them when they need to pay for something or embarrassing them in public. They are very shy but as soon as you get to know them they are amazing people.
Girl 1 : "Yo that antisocial kid next to that really loud weirdo is looking at me funny"

Girl 2 : "Oooh...yeah that must be an Alester"
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by noemiebutyouresayingitwrong March 12, 2020

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