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its a n acronym that means "Do a Google Search"
<Action> anyone know where i can get a goooooood trivia bot from?
<elf> dags
by niq January 3, 2005
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to smoke, smoking, generally weed
"let's tok that fatty blunt fool"
by niq June 11, 2004
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1. A subgenre of punk music. Originally it was called "emo" due to its lyrics, which were more emotional and confessive than typical punk songs. Some original emo bands are Rites of Spring, Taking Back Sunday, and Sunny Day Real Estate. Over the years, though, emo has become more diverse, and a very vague term. No one can agree exactly what it is. There are many kinds of emo music: emocore (emo post hard core), emo punk, emo alternative, and more. Emo bands can be anything from Paramore to Black Veil Brides.

2. A subculture of people who like emo music. Often emos have a certain fashion sense ("emo" hair cut, lots of black clothing, eyeliner, etc.), but not necessarily. Emo fashion is really quite varied and not limited to Hot Topic. Emos pride themselves on being in touch with their emotions and creative. Many write music or poetry.


Lastly-- I don't know how many times in my lifetime I will have to explain this, but cutting and depression are symptoms of being human, not being emo.

If you're emo-- just because someone isn't exactly like you doesn't make them a "poser." Emo music and fashion is extremely varied, and frankly pretty hard to define. Instead of arguing about what our culture is, let's use it as a tool to connect with others over a joint love of good music.

If you're not emo-- let me remind you that enforcing stereotypes, and then accusing the stereotyped group of being "all the same" is hypocritical.
1. I'm so obsessed with emo music right now! Especially All Time Low, Rites of Spring, and My Chemical Romance. Those bands are awesome.

2. Jeremy is an emo. He wears eyeliner and listens to Panic! At the Disco. Melissa is an emo. She's a cheerleader who loves Mineral.
by niq January 16, 2016
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