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A Natural Reality Check or "NRC" is a way of figuring out whether a girl is worth continuing conversation with and later banging by simply masturbating and seeing if you still have the urge to do such banging.

You usually perform an NRC when youre talking to a girl on Facebook or texting someone

The science behind an NRC is, that after beating off you have a lower sex drive, meaning that if you still want to do it, she's really worth it.
Nick: I was talking to Shannon last night on facebook

Luke: Oh yeah?

Nick: Yeah she wants my dick.

Luke: Are you gonna let her get it?

Nick: Well I was, but then I NRC'd that ho and decided otherwise.

Luke: I see I see. I just did an NRC the other night.

Nick: Natural Reality Checks are the bomb
by nickymo56 December 27, 2011

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