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noun- a new and upcoming airsoft company out of china that is delivering a new breed of AEG (automatic electric gun). This type of AEG is called a clone, and is a cheaper copy of expensive upper-end AEGs such as Tokyo Marui, Classic Army,and ICS. Noted as one of the best airsoft clone companies, JG guns feature improved internal parts from their predecessors, and are easily the number one choice for most trying to find a cheaper gun to compete at higher levels. JG guns range from AK style, the M-16/ M-4 family, MP5s, and other such weapons.
Person 1: dude, ive got a really shitty springer. What do you have?
Person 2: man, i gots myself a Jing Gong m4 s system. you can get like a jg mp5 for like, cheap man
Person 1: man, im gunna get one of dose man, thanks bro.
by nickisaprick November 13, 2007
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