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A very intelligent girl who comes off as annoying and stuck-up at first, but shows a nicer side occasionally.
The thing about Elisa is that you have to wait for her to come to you; an introverted soul, Elisa unwittingly rejects those who attempt to befriend her. Forcing compliments won't help either; generally, Elisa judges personality rather than looks and will be rather disappointed if you immediately label her as "pretty" or "hot".
Once you have an Elisa, however, she's your pal for life; despite the "jerkass loner" facade she puts up, she can always make time for a good friend and is usually up for lively banter.
Jessica-- Hey, Tom, have you ever met Elisa?
Tom-- Tried talking to her, but she never says anything. At all.
Jessica-- Be patient! She'll be there eventually. Once you get to know her, she's totally cool and super-smart!
by nepetaCataria June 06, 2013
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