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50 cent, a terrible rapper with little creativity or most likely none. Seems to be very uneducated and not sophisticated at all, his lyrics reflect his lame image of being "gangsta."

Tries to act gangster because he is really insecure, he constantly has to prove to society that he is a gangsta poser and bling it all up. He raps about sex, drugs and voilence in a childish way to compensate his insecurities. So most likely in his youth he was bullied and now that he has some record deal, he constantly re-affirms himself as a corporate semi intelligent rapper.

Shot 9 times, quite a lot, maybe people thought that he really sucked before and he still does.

"Hey, lets go to a 49 cent concert."

"50 cent, what would Al Capone say about you?"

"He got shot nine time, crap, why did they miss?"

"50 cent has some major social and emotional issues, why can't he just be quiet and see a psychologist, to stop his crappy music.

by necrox February 16, 2006
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