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A wierd Brit involved in some band who went around San Andreas. Seems to have a problem with not being able to stop 'giving himself a little bit'.
"Oh, for fucks sake Maccer! Leave yourself alone!"
"I can't help it, man!"
by necrosmash February 16, 2005

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A label people give to themselves to see themselves in a certain way, and/or to hope that other people will see them in this way also. There are many definitions of dress-code and personality types, (some would say that they are really creative and intelligent, others would say that they are people who have experienced more pain than most people) but it's just a label that was invented by ordinary people and for ordinary people, probably out of attention-seeking. Now the word seems to be spoken in two ways: As an insult to people who seem this way, and by people who are this way to describe themselves or maybe friends of theirs.
Example I:
-"Hey, there's that stupid goth."
-"Yeah, what an asshole. Let's throw stuff at him/her."

Example II:
-"Oh yeah, I am SUCH a goth."
-"Can you define 'goth' for me, then?"
-"*Insert one of thousands of definitions here*"
by necrosmash April 12, 2006

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