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A place where a majority of the Nanuet high schoolers do pot after school, Where you'll see some meat heads and airhead cheerleaders hooking up and catching incredible diseases from each other. Nanuet senior high school composes of 700 assholes, whores, freaks, geeks etc. When a rumor gets heard by one person, it gets heard by over 400 kids overnight, rumors spread fast in Nanuet. Where freshmen and sophomores think they are cool wearing their dumb ass colorful bracelets up to their shoulders and the upperclassmen just waiting for those kids to get beat up, but no one will because we're all pussies to stand up for what we want to say. Though we all might say we hate Nanuet, once we all leave for college we will miss our poor high school that can barely afford planners and the lame Nanuet mall that no one ever visits, except for parking when the Nanuet carnival comes to town!
Wow, Nanuet sucks. But we still love its' shitty atmosphere.
by nanuetschooler October 09, 2011
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