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The remnants of a good hard dump, when you haven't wiped properly, leaving a layer of ground-in faeces against your inner cheek and around your nipsy. after a while and the application of some sweat, gives off an odour that is unmistakeable and marks you out as requiring a re wipe!
Man 1 "Oh my life Humphrey are you cooking up some bumhole toffee, i can smell it from here!!"
Man 2 "Yes Tarquin, but it has turned to ass gravy where i have been working so hard."
by nanaki13 June 26, 2009
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Resultant of a hard days work, when one unfortunately has Bumhole Toffee and has been sweating due to the extreme heat, the Bumhole Toffee liquifies to an extent and oozes like gravy around the nipsy.
Man "Sorry about the awful smell dear, my Bumhole Toffee has melted 'coz of all the work i've been doing today."
Woman "So you have Ass Gravy, you disgusting sod!"
by nanaki13 June 26, 2009
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