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An individual who is afflicted with a sick need to write in all caps. Usually suffering from a lack of self-esteem, i.e. "compensating", although reasons often vary... Appears to afflict men mainly, also see small-dickedness}. May feel inferior to others, thereby needing to write in all caps to "shout" their message to be heard, although the practice is generally considered rude and inconsiderate. Severe Narcissim may also play a part; using all caps facilitates virtual ego-stroking...
=I am a caps-addict and need help. Please allow me to ask me doctor about viagra

by Mysterious Stranger September 04, 2005

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The creator of 75.43% of all EFNet IRC traffic (*see: Eris Free Network, IRC). His sad devotion to telling epic stories in as many lines as possible sometimes annoys those around him, however his sexy man-charms, gaping wide anal pore, and care-free attitude make him an endearing companion.
1 Example of praise -> "sF is teh r0x0r".
2 Example of homoeroticism -> -%- (_sF) sF bends over, lubes up, looks through his legs, and winks at pX
by mysterious stranger July 16, 2003

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