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Rhythm guitarist and back up vocalist for popular emo core band, My Chemical Romance. Lead singer of Jersey punk rock band, Leathermouth. Founder of Skeleton Crew records, clothing, and publishing. Frank Iero is recently married to his long time love, Jamia Nestor, now Jamia Iero. Frank is well known for his energy on stage, awesome guitar skills and vocals, millions of tattoos, and great fashion sense. He's the shortest member of MCR at a whopping 5'5" and he loves horror movies. He's also been named as the sweetest guy in the world, by fans who...really don't know him. He is a vegetarian and has very strong opinions on topics such as cancer, high school bullying, and self mutilation. He and the other members of My Chemical Romance, have recently covered Bob Dylan's Desolation Row for the graphic novel turned movie, Watchmen, which was a big deal to all of them. As said by Frank himself, he loves to read. He's now spending most of his time working with Leathermouth, Skeleton Crew, and spending time with his dogs and baby's mama. She's not really his BM, but she will be some day. Frank suffers from Epstein Barr, but I don't think it's anything too serious. He just gets sick a lot.

As witnessed by yours truly, Frank becomes annoyed when My Chemical Romance fans show up to his Leathermouth concerts just to get a glimpse of him. Leathermouth is a completely different band than MCR and sends a different message as well. If you go to a Leathermouth concert expecting to see an MCR show, you will be let down.
Leathermouth fan: Yeah, so Leathermouth is doing a show tonight. It should be pretty badass considering the fact that they rarely perform.

MCR fan: OMG, that's Frank Iero's new band! I love them!

Leathermouth fan: Um...yeah, Frank Iero's...new band. Don't forget about the other four. You know, the ones that actually play the music.

MCR fan: I wonder if Gerard Way is going to be there.

Leathermouth fan: What? No, wha...are you serious? It's a Leathermouth concert, you're not in Kansas anymore.

MCR fan: I heart Gerard!

Leathermouth fan: Oh, dear Lord. Okay, I'm going to go rock out to "Catch me if you can." You stay here and...listen to...The Black Parade. And for your sake, do not go to the Leathermouth concert wearing that MCR shirt.

MCR fan: Teenagers scare the living sh*t out of me!
by mymuse April 30, 2009
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