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City North of Miami. Famous for it's beautiful canals and expensive beach front properties.

Place where girls dance nude on bar stools on Monday afternoon.

In Fort Liqourdale, there isn't room at shops for condoms so all the guys carry zpacs in their wallets.

Fort Liqourdale is where foreign tourists working on cruise ships spend their pay and fellate rastafarian liqour store workers on pallets of bud light, for a free energy drink.

There are two airports in Fort liqourdale. The cheap one takes you to places like Colombia, the expensive one takes you other cities in America.

If you go to Fort Liqourdale it's very easy to get arrested, but you can buy drugs from limousine drivers parked out front of most clubs if you really want to.

Many excellent porn sites are based out of there, like the Bangabros and Milf Hunter.
Guy 1: Wow look at that girl passed out on the gutter over there. She is pretty hot. I'm going to put my balls on her forehead, can you mind the shop?

Guy 2: Sure, no problem.

Guy 3: Only in Fort Liqourdale. Want me to take a photo?

Guy 1: Sure, thanks man.
by mustache1983 February 22, 2011
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