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a shitty power/speed metal band from england. they have gained a large following due to the fact that their song made it onto guitar hero 3. before that, nobody had even heard of them, and for a good reason. well several reasons.

none of their music is original. the asian dude prolly just said "oooh rets write shitty music about castres and dragons and pray rearry rearry fast to hide our rack of tarent" after playing dungeons and dragons for 10 hours straight. ill give herman li credit for his ability to play fast, but any guitarist can play power chords and broken arpeggios.

and just to clarify, herman li is not the best guitarist ever. that goes to jimi hendrix, closely followed by clapton. even in the metal genre, guitarists like rusty cooley, paul gilbert, and even yngwie malmsteen are better. and i would have to say that if you want to listen to a guitarist who can shred but still play softer, more soulful music, listen to john petrucci, steve vai, or joe satriani

their singer sounds like a 12 year old whos balls havent dropped yet, which doesnt fit the music at all.

they have a keytar. dont get me wrong, keytars are awesome. just not in metal

they cant play live. just watch one of their performances on youtube. you cant tell me that it doesnt sound like they are on the brink of falling apart, crashing, and burning. idk how they do it in the studio, but their sound engineers producers deserve some mad props for making off-tempo power chords actually fit over an uneven drum groove.

and finally, all of their songs sound the same. and all of their variations of the same 4 songs suck. if you want good thrash/speed metal listen to slayer, early metallica, testament, exodus, hammerfall, or rhapsody of fire. and please get a decent taste in music
dragonforce fan: dragonforce kicks ass. i saw their show last night and it was so epic

me: and by epic, you mean 5 minutes of erratic, off tempo power chords repeated several times, with the two guitarists barely keeping up with the pace of the music, not able to play the solos on they recorded in the studio and heavily edited to make them sound at least slightly musical?
by musicman27 August 01, 2009
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