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Hillgrove high school is a school where lots of preppy and ghetto kids go, and emo and scene kids are begining to infiltrate.

the administration at hillgrove is terrible, and the teachers don't give a shit about the kids.

Alot of prejudice against gays and even races occur, and if your religion doesn't center around god/jesus apparently you're a satanist freak.
At this school, if you're not a Christian kids will give you hell, bus drivers will, and teachers all alike.

You'll even get judged by the sluts who walk around with their tits hanging out and suck every dick every made.
Also, nobody seems to be able to leave middle school behind and people spread rumors they know nothing about cause they have nothing better to say.

The teachers and administrators have also been known to laugh at kids when they were crying right in front of them.

Also, PDA is SOOO terrible, and if you're simply hugging your boyfriend shit hits the fucking fan.

New stupid laws are being put on the freshmen, and even upperclassmen have to deal with shit.

And if all this weren't bad enogh, the school is so boring because nothing ever happens, there'll occationally be a stupid freshman kid trying to act all badass and shove their friend but nothing real happens.

The only good thing about this school is that if you come here you'll eventually become a pothead who is too stoned out of your mind to give a shit (like me).
Coccaine is frequent too.

but other than that...
kid one: man hillgrove high school sucks so bad i'm gonna go get fucked up on some coke and weed

kid two: ok man good idea i hate this fucking school
by murmurbutt May 12, 2009
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