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The act of Italian Mountain Yodeling involves the said yodeler, who sits on an orange traffic cone, letting it slide into their anus, the traffic cone represents the mountain. Whilst the yodeler yodels with their mouth open as wide as possible, men surrounding the yodeler masturbate all around. The surrounding "goats" then suck their semen into their anus. Then the goats pair up and sit on each others shoulders but backwards so that they are having oral sex. The mounted goats then defecate and vomit on the yodeler. The goats repeat the sucking of juices into their anus, then deposit the said juices into the yodeler through the traffic cone. The yodeler then stores the liquids inside of themselves for three days without defecation. Then there will be much defecation as the yodeler lets this mixture explode out of themselves, but it is caught in a jar! Then the yodeler sings a jolly tune as he or she yodels and bathes in the stew.
I couldn't believe it when that girl said she wanted me to make her into an Italian Mountain Yodeler
by murdoc222 October 21, 2011

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