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Whites still wonder why they can't use this word so openly , even though it may mean someone who is socially, economically, or politically disenfranchised. I laugh when whites beg to use the word and claim they aren't racist.Blacks use it as a term of familiarity and some dont appreciate using it. It really depends on the individual or the group they are in. Just live with the fact that the word is bad, and some people are going to use it, without reservation cause they were 'the group' that suffered so many years from it.
White Person: Why can't I use the word 'nigger'? Blacks use it around themselves all the time.

Black Person: Because they don't know if you are implying superiority or not. Unless you are extremely familiar with the person and they aren't uncomfortable with you using it, should you use it. I want to add that not all blacks like using the word and some even hate it when other blacks use it. If there really is no need for, don't use and if you know its wrongful to use it, then ignore the blacks that do. They were given the freedom to take the power out of the word, not you. Got it.

White person: But why?

Black person: Well you go and ask a black person 'why?', and we'll see what happens.

White person: But why, I love 'black' people.

Black person: Oh Brother.
by mun78 July 31, 2008
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