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The UGLIEST name you could possibly give to your dog, child, or any other thing in your life. It is so ugly that whoever is bestowed with this hideous name, will be destined to have a horrible life. And only to be ended by a horrible death. Kafka is a terrible name because it has many other meanings that people often overloook. It means things such as: - Horse porn - That white stuff that accumulates on the corners of your mouth when you get thirsty - An extremely deadly disease - What people from foreign countries run for their lives from - The fungus in between your toes - The eye boogers/crusties when you wake up in the morning. These are all ugly, nasty things that just prove that Kafka is not a name that should be used by anyone, unless that person wants to ruin a potential Kafka's life. If you run into a Kafka, turn around and run the opposite direction and never look back. If you are lucky enough to get away with your life, call an ambulance and stay where you are. Just from standing near a Kafka, you can contract cabs, Herpes and genital warts all at the same time. Be careful, and think twice before you name ANYTHING Kafka.
Person #1- I think I'm gonna name my dog Kafka! Isn't that cute?

Person #2- NO!! Don't do that! Do you want your dog to live and die horribly!?
by mrDANnovak June 17, 2011
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