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the highest point on the "ridiculous scale" the order from lowest to highest being: ridiculous, ridiculousness, redonkulous, reflipulous, and finally redopeulous
damn dude! that drum solo was redopeulous!
by mr. hilarious July 20, 2010

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Adj: a dude/tte who is reckless, over-spontaneous, and extremely impulsive; tends to be like dynamite, unsafe and dangerous.
dude1: holy shit! dude! watch the fuck out! you almost hit that car!
dude2: chillax bro, were safe now, nothing to worry about
dude1: fuck that, let me drive, you're too much of a dynamitehead.
loco maniac
by mr. hilarious May 15, 2010

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Usally used in anger, the "q button" is pressed, meaning to destroy the thing your mad at
Grrrr, this file is taking forever to download, i wanna press the Q button on this thing
by Mr. Hilarious October 11, 2008

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The degree of Win surpassing Epic Win, and Epic Fucking Win by miles, this should only be used in the presence of a miracle or things that are mind blowing beyong any recognition.
see: epic win
Dude1: "oh shit dude, did you see that guy? he's fucking bullet-proof! he took like ten bullets and he still took out all of those gang members!"
Dude2: "S.M.E.W.T. dude, that was fucking S.M.E.W.T.!"
by mr. hilarious May 12, 2010

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ripped of, or to be ripped off
Dude! You just Raiped Blink 182 with that song!
by Mr. Hilarious October 11, 2008

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