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when translated into english, depeche mode means "depressed mood." there is a band named after the phrase. listening to their monotone songs (if you can call them songs) will put anyone in a depressed mood. the band couldnt have picked a better name. a lack of ability to make decent music saddened them and lead them to make nothing but depressing songs.
man, this cancer sure puts me in a depeche mode...
by mr. bradley July 31, 2008

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an ultimate badass. unstoppable in every instance. one who can kick your ass with his eyes closed. one who fears nothing and pwns everything. its simple enough, if you fight jason statham you lose. show me an army and you will show me a thousand victims of a jason statham ass-kicking. CHUCK NORRIS PRAYS TO JASON STATHAM BEFORE GOING TO BED.
i pray to the father, the son, the holy spirit, and the father's father, jason statham. please watch over me.

the people who say this prayer never die...
by mr. bradley February 14, 2011

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