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1. a person of great integrity, resilience, sustainability; true blue, forever, dependable.
2. a bearer of enthusiasm, delight. a supporter of new life on the earth.
3. in ancient times, it has been said to be used as a name for a loving grandmother, always there to support the earth's little ones.

• like, similar to the moss of the earth, resilient, bringing forth new seeds of life, able to survive even when other living forms can't.
n. She was called Mossy, the one who delighted in all the young offspring. Mossy nurtured their bodies, their souls, and their dreams in a way that only a good grandmother could do!
adj. The mossy bank was always there. It held the moisture from the air even when all else what drying and dying off from the drought. Seeds blew to the mossy beds to grow their roots and start new life.
by mosswhisper September 04, 2013

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