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- To be on a bandwagon

- The herd instinct felt by people of any background or culture, when confronted with the prehistoric herd instinct to simply go with the flow and do what everyone else is doing. It provides anonymity in numbers, deniability and freedom from the responsibility to think for oneself.
No, I've not read Twilight, I hate Bandwagging.

Dude, I'm not a real fan, I was just bandwagging.
by morgan avery December 11, 2008

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Virtual pictures of buttons available on the Pieces of Flair application on Facebook. One is able to browse popular flair on a variety of subjects, send flair to friends, add flair to ones own virtual cork board and create original flair.

More addictive and distracting than a mobile shiny button diorama.

Some people, when they think they're being clever, will 'tag' their original flair with keywords relating to a rival subject, ie. tag Twilight flair with Harry Potter keywords, Democrat v. Republican, Mortal Kombat v. DC Universe, etc. This is not funny or clever, but only furthers the desires of the 'other side' to hunt down and tattoo 'Future Darwin Award Recipient' on the perpetrator's forehead.

Idea most likely inspired, in part, by the movie Office Space (1999), in which Jennifer Aniston's character works in a restaurant where the employees are forced to wear 'flair' on their uniform vest, in the form of buttons and pins.
1. Dude, there's far too much Twilight Flair! I've never read the books and I know the whole plot, just from reading flair.
2. "Sorry, but I need the Flair credits..."
by Morgan Avery December 10, 2008

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