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A paraphilia (fetish or kink) having to do with sleep. A narcophiliac may experience sexual arousal at the sight of their sleeping partner, at the feeling of being sleepy themselves, or may enjoy the idea of having sex with their partner while one or both of them is falling asleep. Narcophilia has nothing to do with death or dead bodies, though the word for the paraphilia known as "necrophilia" looks similar.
Joan: Were you getting it on with your girl while she was asleep? That's sick...
Tim: It's not what it looks like. She has narcophilia. She's down for it.
by moooBat September 17, 2014
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A crush acquired while on vacation. This occurs when an individual develops a crush on a person they meet on a vacation. It feels like a normal crush until the vacationer returns home, forgetting their affection within the span of 4 hours to a week. Those affected by a vacation crush may have serious difficulty recalling why they had a crush on the person in the first place.

A vacation crush is typical for idealists and daydreamers, who may have already gone on vacation with the fantasy of meeting "the one." However, vacation crushing may be extended to those just out of a relationship or those in an unhappy relationship.
Becky: So have you emailed Alejandro since you got back home?

Kristy: No, not really.

Becky: Why not? You were so into him when we were in Spain!

Kristy: He was just a vacation crush.
by moooBat April 06, 2013
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