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In terms of memory cards, there are many different types but they all do the same thing; store information. They just save your stuff. Whatever "your stuff" may be, pictures, music, documents, etc. It's just a small piece of plastic, with a tiny little computer part inside that knows how to keep your stuff when you tell it. Then, you can take that little card with you and use it on other computers and see the stuff that you saved.
Granted, if you've saved certain types of documents, like word processing or spreadsheets or any other type of document that was created with a specific type of software, before you can view it on another computer, you have to be sure that that software is installed on the next computer you use or else you wont' be able to open the document saved on your memory card.
If it's just pictures or certain types of music, then you should be fine. So just to sum it all up, a memory card just keeps your files safe for you and makes it possible for you to take those files with you where ever you go. Neat huh?!

Courtesy : Yahoo Answers
This can be an icredibly overwhelming topic to learn b/c of the many different types of memory cards available. Stick with it though and only read about the cards you want to learn about.
by mohammad.tauseef February 8, 2009
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