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Before states had lotteries and daily number games, mobsters and bookies would sell tickets for an illicit daily numbers game called the nigger pool.The tickets were primarily sold through an underground network,made up of bartenders, delivery drivers and blue collar workers in office buildings,in large cities.Players would find out if they won by checking the last four numbers of the U.S.Treasury number (which is random and not fixable) in the newspaper the following day.Even though it was played by people of all races and social status, its popularity among blacks gave it the monicker the "nigger pool".After the state lotteries came out many players still preferred the nigger pool because it paid better odds and the winnings were tax free.But with state lotteries offering more instant games(scratch tickets and Keno) the nigger pool lost its popularity and has been put out of business.
Tom:Hey Jerry were you going for lunch?
Jerry:To the Erie Pub
Tom:why do you like going to that dive irish bar?
Jerry:because I can get a couple of Buds,a hamburger and buy a nigger pool ticket from the jew bookie in the back room.
Tom:oh,I buy my tickets from the Teamster union steward on the loading dock at coffee break
by mobil2 February 02, 2012

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