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a grl who was ur best friend at one point and den fought for a stupid ass reason.
crystal's a "bitch" cus she fought me over a boy dat she went out wit for mad long and den broke up wit him and he started talkin to me so we fought and i beat her ass and took her ex!! so wat if we was best friends he started talkin to me and some other grl came in between our friendship anyway!! iight.
by miss beautiful August 15, 2005
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the last man alive

By the way, pronounciation is Ooh-Vuh
"It sure is quiet 'round here. I guess that I, Uwe, am the last man alive."
"No, you're not! Watch this!" says Jake as he smashes Uwe's head in.
"Now I am the last man alive!" says Jake!
BUt BAM Uwe is not really dead and dismembers Jake, eating him in little (pronounced with a British accent)) pieces.
"Miss Beautiful, you still remain! We shall be little critters together for ever, and it will be cute, yes?"

And is was so. So it goes.
by Miss Beautiful September 16, 2003
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